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I was so kindly tagged by to list my 6 quirks before I even had an official blog.  How sweet is she?  Here is goes…trust me, these are just a few.   

1.  I eat foods alone that most people eat on or with other items and I think I eat most of these things every day.  For example, I eat sandwich sliced pickles and jalapenos right out of the jar.  I eat juicy black olives out of a freshly opened can.  I eat spoonfuls of peanut butter and salsa when I am hungry.  I make homemade guacamole every day for lunch and eat it with a fork.  I will open a fresh block of cheese and take a big chunk out of it and eat it alone.  Oh now I am hungry.   

2.  If I wear a top for 2 hours, it is not dirty, but to me, it’s not clean either.  When this happens, I cannot put a half dirty yet not clean top back in the cloest with my clean clothes but I could NEVER put it in the dirty clothes basket either!  So what I do is put it ontop of my dresser along with all of the other half clean half dirty clothes and they just sit there and sit there and sit there until my husband gets sick of them.  Do you think I ever actually reware them?  More of the time I don’t.  So, I end up throwing them in the dirty clothes basket and washing them. 

3.  I hate hate hate grooming my eye brows.  I love doing my hair and make up but I absolutely dispise keeping my eyebrows looking decent.  The plucking doesn’t bother me, it’s not like it hurts, I just get lazy and I think nobody notices how gross they look.  But, of course, I notice when ANYONE else has nasty eyebrows.  They end up looking so bad that I cannot even begin to groom them so I run to the closest eyebrow waxing place to get them done for me.   

4.  When I am sitting in a lecture or meeting or any place where somebody is talking to a group of us I do one of two things.  I either type with my fingers on an imaginary computer keyboard what the person is saying or signing in sign language what they are talking about.  It’s not that I am bored I think that I have a slight case of ADD and I actually pay better attention when I do that.   

5.  When I am getting up in the morning, I roll over and look at my alarm clock to see what it says.  The numbers have to make sense mathematically in order for me to get out of bed.  Let me give you an example.  If the clock says 6:23 I can get up because 2×3=6.  If the clock says 5:50 I can get up also because 5-5=0.  But if the clock says 6:11 my butt is not getting out of my warm cozy bed because that just doesn’t make sense. 

6.  EVERYTHING makes me burp…everything.  I suck on a piece of ice and it makes me burp.  I chew gum and I burp.  I eat a mint and guess what?  I burp.  I am not talking a little baby hiccup sounding burp.  These burps have won many a burping contest and not against other girls either. 

Yea!  Now you know probably more infomation than you ever wanted to know about me!


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  1. * Jamye says:

    I love your quirky quirks. You make life so much fun and adventerous for the both of us. You are truly worth slaying the dragon for. I think my favorite quirk I have come to try to love are the clothes. I laughed so hard at that one. I know I would miss the clothes if you didn’t leave them around the house. Well…that is all for now! You are truly an adventure and I never know what your amazing mind will come up with next. -I love you- your biggest fan…..Nate

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 8 months ago
  2. * Nate says:

    Sorry that was my post above!!! My bad.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 8 months ago
  3. * sothisismyblog says:

    Thank you so much for sharing those. I love them all. Welcome to blogging world and I cannot wait to know the things that you think about daily.

    So excited!!!

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 8 months ago

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