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i am such a peach

Do you ever feel like your body is being taken over by an alien?  Or maybe that you are just losing your mind?  Like when you swear in front of your 82 year old grandma who has never even said, “Darn it”.  Or when you flip somebody off when you are driving in your car?  (Just a side note, I have NEVER done that)  Or when you do an every day activity, like take a shower, and on the way out the door you can’t remember if you shaved your arm pits?  All that to say, I think I was taken over by an alien the other night and I think my husband would agree.     


Husband (rubbing my back):  Sweetie, it’s time for bed. 

Me (scrunching up my face and rolling over): Ughhhmmmmm

Husband (shaking me a little): Babe, come on, it’s late, let’s get your pajamas on.

Me (very serious): No, Kopipi needs to put her pajamas on.

(In case you were wondering who the heck Kopipi is-she is my cat-and does NOT have pajamas)

Husband (laughing):  Jame, she doesn’t need pajamas, you do.

Me (agitated and talking a lot louder): Don’t laugh at me.  She needs to get ready for bed!  Kopipi needs her pajamas!!!!!   

Husband (laughing harder):  Come on, sweetie.

Me (sitting up in bed, really irritated and yelling at this point): DON’T LAUGH AT ME!!!!!!

Husband (laughing so hard about to pee his pants):  I am not laughing at you, it’s just time to go to bed.

Me (seriously angry):  DOOOOOOO NOT LAUUUGHHHH ATTTT MEEEEE!!!!!!  

Husband gives up and pushes me to my side of the bed, gets under the covers and goes to sleep. 

Don’t you wish you could come home with me? 




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  1. * Nate says:

    Friends, Family Countrymen,

    I can’t tell you how many weird encourters my wife and I have had over going to bed. My wife will either yell at me or just straight up glare at me as if I am the worst person in the whole world. Yes…….I love my wife and she makes me laugh but she is crazy…..that is why I love her! Who would yell at their husband like this or get angry for trying to help her? If you go to sleep near or even close to Jamye watch my friends……..IT’S ALIVE!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 7 months ago

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