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my sistah!

This is me and my sister Courtney this past weekend in San Diego. 

I normally don’t think that we look a like but I see the resemblance in this picture.  She has great eye brows, don’t you think?  She is 6 years younger than me and she is 18 now, technically…an…adult…so…hard…for…me…to…say. 

I remember when she was born she “brought” me and my brother gifts.  She gave me a yellow fanny pack with Disney characters on it and gave my brother matchbox cars that you could open up and they had baby matchbox cars inside of them.  Yes, people, she brought these gifts with her from my mother’s womb!  I hope I have a miraculous womb like that.   When she was a baby and I was probably 6 or 7, people would stop us on the street to tell my mom what beautiful big blue eyes my sister had.  I remember being jealous.  If I could go back into my mind as a 6 year old I was probably thinking…or saying, “Look at my obnoxious pink bow that covers my whole head, isn’t it beautiful?  I am the big sister, I’m so pretty.  Look at me twirl!” 

I was actually never that mean to Courtney as we were growing up (believe it or not!).  However, I did make her lick my toes, once or twice or twenty times.  I would hide her blankie.  I would pee in the bathtub when we were taking baths together and blame it on her.  But, there was one time that there was poop in the tub and that was totally her!!!     


My sister has been through a lot, she really has, and it has all forced her to grow up very very quickly and at a very young age.  I used to resent the fact that I was the oldest of 3, but now seeing what she has gone through as the youngest, I am jealous no longer.  She has handled life very boldly, looking at it straight in the face, taking it one strong step at a time.

She has grown into a beautiful woman that is so very talented, creative, confident and a woman that I look up to, that I desire to be like.  Heck, she has even beaten all of my high school swim team “records”.  I do love her a lot and I wish that we lived closer together.  But, no matter the distance, she is my sister and I love her.


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  1. * Courtney Brown says:

    Jamye that was so sweet. i love you so much. 🙂

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 7 months ago

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