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August 7, 2008

I walked into Staples yesterday to fax something for a client and I was met with a glorious sign hanging from the ceiling of this marvelous store that sang “SCHOOL SUPPLIES FOR 2008”.  I felt myself smiling and getting the “back to school butterflies” that I used to get when I was 9.  Back to school time was always very exciting for my family, we would get brand new clothes and shoes, but as a child, the most exciting part was the new school supplies. 

I would start counting down the days about a week before our scheduled supply shopping date and on the day of I would probably bug my mom 27 times by asking her, “When’s Daddy coming home from work so we can go?”  When my Dad would fiiiiinalllyyy get home from work he would pack the 3 of us up in the car along with our school lists and take us to the closest office supply store.  My favorite part was spending time with my Dad, but second to that we never really stuck to our school lists.  We did obviously get the basic paper, pencils, erasers etc.  but it did not stop there.  I feel like we would spend hours browsing the isles, scrutinizing every pen pack to make sure there were enough pretty colors, looking at the various colors and patterns of folders and pencil boxes.  We will fill our carts with pencils, pens, crayons, markers, paper, trapper-keepers (remember those???), stickers, paperclips (what 9 year old needs those???), book covers, glue, staplers, pencil sharpeners and anything else that we thought that we would need for our next school year.  I remember standing wide eyed in the check out line with my brother and sister as the red numbers on screen of the register started calculating all of our treasures and trying to take a guess at how much it all would cost.  I never guessed right. 

We would then take all of our goodies home with us and dump them all over the living room floor and show them off to each other.  We would organize and reorganize our pens in our pencil boxes, the paper in our trapper keepers and then put it all perfectly away in our backpacks awaiting the first day of school. 

Thank you for those great memories, Dad.


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  1. * Courtney says:

    awesome memories!!! and i quote “hey wee-one we need to go school supplies shopping for your final year!” i now feel sad. i will miss these days.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 7 months ago

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