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August 12, 2008

Dear Smokey Smokerson,

Hello, you don’t know me but I know a deep dark secret about you.  Yes, that secret.  I saw you today.  You thought nobody was looking, but I was.  I saw you walking in front of the mall today in your nice suit and brief case with an open pack of cigarettes as you walked from garbage can/ash tray picking up cigarette butts taking a puff and then putting them in your pack.  I saw you do this at least 10 times as I walked through the parking lot.  Seriously, dude, that’s disgusting.  You know, second hand spit kills. 



Dear Lady with Digestion Problems,

Hi, remember me?  Yes, I was standing in front of you in line at the grocery store today.  You were the one with standing with your teenage son while you announced to everyone, including me, your offspring, the cashier and every other person standing in line that you forgot to get your Gas-X.  I am so sorry that you have flagellation problems, I really am, but please do not humiliate your teenage son and make everyone elses’ stomach turn and make us all want fish out our hazard masks from our bags just in case a ‘lil one escapes.  So next time you forget your Vagisil, Preparation H or Depends please keep that to yourself.




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  1. wait, seriously? The guy took cigarettes out of the trash, puffed them, and then put them in his box of cigarettes? How sick. Who does that? How addicted do you have to be to get that desperate? I wonder his chain of thought leading up to sucking on someone else’s cigarette butt…

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