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August 13, 2008

I try to eat fairly healthy.  I don’t deprive myself of the succulence of chocolate cake or the refreshing taste of a crisp apple martini or the amazing saltiness of Lay’s potato chips, but I do try to not indulge in those foods all of the time.  I drink a protein shake for breakfast.  For lunch I eat either a sandwich or a salad or lots of veggies fruit and yogurt and occasionally I will grab a quick lunch at a restaurant.  But no matter how much I eat for lunch, no matter how healthy or absurdly unhealthy and no matter what time I eat my lunch at, by 3:00 I am starving!!  I am trying to get through the afternoon, minding my own business, and BAM my stomach starts growling and I feel dizzy and grumpy and I need food that very instant.  I cannot see another client or go to another appointment before I get something in my mouth.  Seriously, what is wrong with me?  I am not pregnant.  I am not going through a growth spurt.  Maybe I am getting fat?  Maybe I have a small reptile living inside of me that steals all of my nutrition? 

So, instead of packing some nice and healthy snacks for my afternoon hunger attack I do something much more sensible.  I stop and get frozen yogurt, or a churro, or a freshly baked cookie or a chocolate soy milk, or like yesterday, I stopped and bought a Diet Dr. Pepper and a pack of Watermelon and Strawberry Bubble Yum bubble gum.  Hmm.  Healthy.


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  1. * Mom says:

    My 3:00 craving is Lays potato chips. Seriously everyday a bag calls me if I don’t bring them to work with me I leave and go buy some.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 7 months ago

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