adding sass to life


August 21, 2008

Nate and I just got back from a great little trip to Hawaii.  It was relaxing and rejuvenating as we laid around and did nothing, drank yummy topical drinks, spent time with friends, did more nothing, ate, slept, went out at night, slept, drank more…I think you get the picture.  Here are some fun little snapshots.

We took an tiiiiiny airplane from Honolulu to Kona that was probably built in 1971 and I think we lost the engine somewhere in the middle of the Pacific. 

We both got laid. 

Our resort had some huge statues that were just begging me to climb on them.

There were dolphins in a lagoon right outside our window.

There were also a lot of sea turtles that you could swim with right outside our hotel.  We learned from a crazy tourist that they were endangered and it’s a $10,000 fine if we touch them.  I hope this picture doesn’t incriminate us.

See the kitten on the rock?

This is what happens if you try to jump the lagoon to catch it…you fall in.

I looked a lot better earlier in the night. 

We did some snorkeling.

Swam at a beach that looked like paradise.

I think this was Nate’s favorite part.

Or maybe this part…being there with one of his best friends.

Let’s just say, we had a great time.  Hawaii, don’t worry, we’ll be back.


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