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i’ve gone to the dark side

August 22, 2008

I just love love loooove the fall.  I love the crisp chilly air, the crunching of leaves, and if you live in places that actually have 4 seasons, the beautiful colors of the leaves as they change, the oranges, purples, yellows…breathtaking.  But, most of all I love the boots.  The tall leather boots that just smell delicious.  Yet, there is a dark cloud that begins to hang over my anticipation of fall that starts right…about…now….Yes, ladies that is right, football season.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love sports, played ’em my whole life, but watching football games every single weekend; Saturday, Sunday and Monday, really?  Even if you don’t even like the team?  I know guys don’t like to watch big men run around in teeny tiny reeeally tight pants, riiiight?  I don’t get it.  Maybe my incomprehension of football season is how men can’t understand womens’ wardrobes?  Whatever.  Clothes make you look cute, football doesn’t.  Anyways…

Not only is there football on TV, there is the booming surround sound, then there are the season tickets to the UCLA games, football magazines, and even football on the computer.  Computer, you say?  Yes, the computer.  Fantacy Football.  When that starts there is the studying of statistics, the reading of Fantasy Football magazines (yes, they are real and like $7.95 each!!!), and then there is the draft.  This is when a bunch of testosterone gets together in one room, drink beer, eat pizza, make fun of each other, trash talk, make inappropriate jokes, scratch, fart, and pick their football players for their team.  You know what else?  They have to pay $125 to join!  Geez, for $125 I could walk away with a decent pair of boots!  Then after the draft is done, there is the stat checking, more trash talking, the screaming, yelling, and celebrating.  Isn’t there a resort and spa somewhere that gives discounts for people that stay there for the entire football season? 

Well, this year I have decided to go to that spa try to change my attitude.  I realize that my husband is a very passionate man and that bleeds into all aspects of his life, not just his job and me (hehe).  That also means football.  So, instead of complaining every. time. football. is. on.  I have decided to steal his credit card *sigh*, um, join, uhhh, a fantasy, er, football team with the girls in my office (minus the scratching, the $125 and farting).  So now, every time football is on, I can get into it and be competitive and try to kick my husband’s butt.  Ha!  Hey, if you can’t beat ’em, might as well join ’em.


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