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September 3, 2008

See this nifty little contraption?

For $39.00 this thing will…

a.)  save you from slowly being eaten alive by malaria infested mosquitos that are roughly the size of a small child.

b.) keep you from ever getting pregnant.

c.) allow your pet to have it’s own home while you are camping in the wilderness.

The answer is A. 

We need two of these grand inventions to save our lives while we are in Peru for 10 days.  This, along with our malaria pills, yellow fever shots, typhoid pills, hepatitis A and B shots, and tetanus shots should allow us to be nice and healthy on our little adventure.

Or I may have a panic attack and die from being so claustrophobic because I am stuck in this thing as huge misquitos try to gnaw their way through the netting to suck on my face.

At least I won’t get pregnant.


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