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crazy crazy minds

September 4, 2008

My mind is one crazy thing.  If I am at all stressed or on any sort of medication if I had anything to drink alcoholic or non, eaten too early or too late…basically if I have lived the day before I have the craziest most whacked out dreams and the just seem so darn real that I will wake up in the morning and wonder if it really was or not. 

Last night I took some cold medicine and look at what happened.

I was at a wedding at a huge church in Laguna Beach that also had a fancy ice cream parlor on the stage.  However, this was a costume wedding and I was not made aware of that, so I was not allowed to participate in the festivities.  My friends were all dressed as Indians.  For some reason, I wasn’t offended that I was uninvited to the party so I wandered down the the rocky cliffs in Laguna and told my friends to meet me down there when they were finished.  I found a nice rock over looking the beautiful ocean and laid down on my stomach under an umbrella with my ice cream but my dress kept hiking up and showing my booty so I decided to sit up when a lady asked, “Excuse me, is this rock taken?”  I turned my head to tell the woman that she could sit there and guess who it was?  Of all people, Oprah was standing there asking me if she could sit on the rock next to me!  She brought her umbrella and ice cream and plopped down and started chatting with me and told me that she liked my dress.  We talked for hours, watched the sunset, had dinner delivered there, and became like bffs (best friends forever, people, come on).   

My friends never came and met me after the wedding, boy will they regret that.


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