adding sass to life

it’s eating me alive

September 26, 2008

When we were in Peru almost our entire team got sick.  We are talking, puking, diarrhea, chills, fever, need to call the local doctor to come to hotel and give major medicine, kind of sick.  But what do you expect when you do construction in 110 degree weather, are totally dehydrated and then are given a big plate of fried chicken (like the whole chicken) with the skin and some feathers still remaining, fried bananas, french fries, beans and rice.  Luckily, I only had diarrhea and the chills for about 36 hours. 


I think I brought something home with me besides 3 Free People tops for $3 each. 

I think I have a parasite.

I mean, what else would explain the fact that I have excruciating pain that starts in my chest and slowly grasps my innards with its steal hands until it hurts so badly that I am bent over and groaning in pain as I make my way as quickly and gracefully as I can to the bathroom?  How much can you really go to the bathroom if you aren’t even eating anything?  A lot, I guess.  I have no appetite, I can’t sleep because my stomach is constantly screaming in pain and I feel feverish.  It could be the flu but it sounds just so much more exciting to say that it is a parasite. 


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