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April 14, 2009

Happy Happy 19th Birthday to my lovely, beautiful and charming little sister, Courtney.  She totally takes after me, by the way.  



I don’t get spend a lot of time with my sister because of our schedules and the fact that we live 400 miles away from each other.  But I have seen her 6 out of the past 17 days, which I think is some kind of record for us.  

I think she is wiser than me, funnier than me, she has definitely kissed more boys than me, way more athletic than me, understands hurt and pain in a way I may never and tougher than me.  All of that packed into a 19 year old body, watch out.  

Here is an ode to you, my sister.  19 reasons why I love thee:

1.  You can belch almost as loud as I can.

2.  You are feisty and not at all afraid of peoples’ responses to you or how they take you.

3.  You are not easily intimidated.

4.  You have a deep love and enormous amount of grace for people.

5.  You had to deal with teachers in high school that hated me and unfortunately the curse may have been passed down because of me.  (No, Mrs. Y, I was not drunk on choir tour-I had the flu.  Thank you very much.  And by the way, thanks for cleaning my puke up off the floor XOXO)

6.  Your depth and creativity come alive in your writing.

7.  You find humor in life and love to laugh.

8.  You more than beat my high school “best times” in swimming.

9.  You would do almost anything for anyone.

10.  You don’t judge or jump to conclusions about people as quickly as others do.

11.  You have a different hair color and style almost every time I see you.

12.  You finally like skinny jeans and I was there to witness the first purchase.

13.  All of the memories of big hair, fluffy bows and matching ugly floral dresses.

14.  You defend the people you love.

15.  Your strong desire to be a nurse, help people and walk along side of them in their journey.

16.  You have friends all over the world.

17.  Your desire and passion for Africa.

18.  Your heart for children and orphans.

19.  You may be going to college 40 minutes from me!!!

I love you my sista.  Happy Birthday!


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  1. * Courtney says:

    Oh my gosh I have the sweetest sister ever! I love you so much. I laugh and felt very special throughout this whole entry. I love you more than words can say. I can’t wait to hopefully begin my next chapter in life so close to you and Nate!!!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago

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