adding sass to life

deep sorrow

April 20, 2009

In the past week and a half I know or know of 7 people that have passed away.  It’s very difficult to even say people because people (to me) have lived full lives, lived out their dreams.  Babies haven’t done that.  4 out of these 7 were under the age of 2.  Only 2 were elderly-over the age of 80.  1 wasn’t even 50.  

The sadness in this world seems almost unbearable to me, so overwhelming, so scary and so unpredictable.  Has it always been this way or am I just getting older, therefore more aware of the tragedies of life?  Children’s lives being snatched away for unexplainable reasons.  A father of 2 and a young grandfather of 2 had his life ransacked by the microscopic killer-cancer.  It doesn’t seem fair.  It’s not fair.  

It’s these times that make me wish that I was still 7, playing innocently in the field with my neighbor and our dolls; thinking that the world was perfect and beautiful.  I don’t want to be in denial of the realities of this world and I don’t want to run and hide.  I just don’t want people that I know (even know of) to hurt and feel that gut-wrenching loss.  

My heart goes out to you all-those whose pain cannot be described as the word hurt-but anguish or suffering.  Maybe those words are not even strong enough for your reality right now.  My eyes have cried for all of you-those who I know, have seen, have spoken to and those whose words and text I have read on the internet.  May God be with all of your during your grief and loss.


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