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birthday weekend

April 27, 2009

Since Saturday was my Golden Birthday-25 on the 25th, I have realized what it takes to have an absolutely fabulous birthday.  

Here they are ladies and gentlemen..

1.  Have your actual birthday on a weekend, Saturday is perfect.  I know this is a difficult maneuver, but try people it’s totally worth it.  Because, then, it’s called your “Birthday Weekend” not just your “Birthday”.  And if you have an awesome husband, he’ll encourage you to celebrate ALL WEEKEND LONG!

Take my man for example.  Over 6 weeks ago he planned a surprise birthday dinner for me Friday night to kick off my “birthday weekend”.

img_1700img_1704img_1707img_17022.  Have a fantastic birthday weekend canceled because you’re trying this new thing called a…I can’t even say it…ahh….a BUDGET.  AHHHH.  I’m not sure what it is or how to do it, but anyways, we are trying it.  We’re experimenting with not spending money that we don’t have to.  I am not sure if I like it, actually, that’s a lie, I don’t like it, but I know that it is necessary.  Anyways, we had this fantastic birthday weekend (see, there it is again…the WHOLE WEEKEND) planned in Santa Barbara but decided we would be mature and responsible adults and cancel it and save the money instead.  Bah, being an adult.  However, my husband wasn’t sure what to get me since the Santa Barbara trip was my present, so he took me on a little shopping spree.  Oh ladies, I got some great pieces that I am just dying to wear however, when 57 degrees out, I can’t pull them out for a few more weeks.  However, I did get something that I can use now.  HERBS!  I love cooking and I do use a lot of herbs but I hate spending $6 on organic herbs that are going to go bad before I can even use half of them so I got some of my own.


3.  Get lots of calls from friends and family wishing you “Happy Birthday”!

4.  Have a romantic dinner with your husband on your birthday evening.

img_1726img_17285.  Have in-laws that want to take you shopping and out to dinner on Sunday.

6.  Have friends that want to have a girls night out the following Friday after your birthday.  

Now, I’m detoxing, working out and dieting because of the past 3 days.  But, wow, it was fun.  Thank you to everyone who called, bought me presents, texted, came to celebrate, danced, ate, sang and showed me how much you loved me this weekend!


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