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i should have been a cheerleader

May 4, 2009

Remember when you had your first boyfriend?  Maybe it was at age 13 or 15?  For me, I think I was 16.  Yes.  Late bloomer.  Whatever.  I didn’t get kissed until I was almost 17 and it was the worst kiss ever.  The kid drank milk and then ate cherry fruit candies and then kissed me. Disgusting.      

Anyways.  That’s not what this is about.

You know when you really liked that special someone and all you could think about after you got home from school or practice or rehersal was his phone call?  Hearing his voice.  Having that confirmation that he still cared.  That he didn’t start liking that skanky cheerleader that always flirted with him.  You’d wait in your room, holding the phone, staring at it. 

Please call.

Please please call.

You couldn’t do homework.  You couldn’t eat dinner.  You didn’t dare take a shower, because, WHAT IF YOU MISSED HIS CALL?  That would just be devastating.  You couldn’t even call a girl friend to talk to her about just how cute he was, or how it felt when he held your hand, or how he looked at you, because what if that made you miss his call?  So not worth it.  

Please call.

And then when it got later into the night he hadn’t called yet, you think.

“What if he lost my number?”

“What if my dad’s on the other line and didn’t answer when he called?”

“What if my dad answered and told him to never call again?”

“What if he does like that cheerleader?  Damn her.”

“What if my phone is dead?”

Well that’s what Friday was like for me.  Not about a boy this time though.  It was about a job.  A job that I had 6 interviews for. Over 10 hours of interviewing.  A job at a company that I really really wanted to work for.  Originally they were supposed to make their decision between me and one other girl on Tuesday but they called and said they wouldn’t come to a conclusion until Friday.  Oh my gosh.  3 more days?  Are you kidding me?  I can’t make it that long!  Well, I made it but Friday was literally TORTURE!  I couldn’t sleep.  Couldn’t eat.  Didn’t shower.  Didn’t talk on the phone.

Just waited.

And waited.  

And waited.

Every time the phone would ring I would freak.  I would start sweating.  Shaking.  Feeling nauseous.  Only to find out that it wasn’t the company.  

They didn’t call until 2:30.  2:30…are you kidding me?  Why not put me out of my misery at call me at 8:16?  Heck, I would have taken your call at 5:03.  

But at 2:30 they called.  All of that waiting.  All of those hours interviewing.  Over.  

I didn’t get the job.  

They picked the other girl.  She was probably a cheerleader.  



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  1. Noooo! I’m sorry. Do you need me to punch that cheerleader in the overies? I totally would, just say the word and she’s good as punched.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 10 months ago

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